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F2U :: [Free!] Pagedoll by UnderworldPP
"Tricia/Kazuko/Azusa has a large gallery consisting of several created art pieces ranging from original to expressive fanart. She is a very active member on Deviantart!"
"Aut Caesar aut nihil."
- Wall family motto
My birthday badge
"The male rabbit is swifter of foot, The eyes of the female are somewhat smaller. But when the two rabbits run side by side, How can you tell the female from the male?"
- Ballad of Mulan
Warriors OC MasterlistDynasty Warriors
:bulletgreen: Shu :bulletgreen:
- Yi Xiaoren / 億曉仁

-- 187-278 AD
-- Originally from Wu; returns in 222 AD
-- Strategist under Liu Bei
-- Daughter of Yi Shensheng and Qinai
-- Escort and wife of Hai Xiang
-- Elder sister of Yi Xian and Yi Jia
-- Mother of Hai Ming, Nuwa, and Liu
--- Debut: Dynasty Warriors 5 / returns in 7: XL
--- Appears as generic Handmaiden in 8 Shu's Hypothetical "Ambush at Chang'an"
- Hai Xiang / 李禎

-- Style name Dangpai / 黨派
-- Nickname Mianfei Xiang / 免費相
-- 185-222 AD
-- General under Liu Bei
-- Husband of Yi Xiaoren
-- Father of Hai Ming, Nuwa, and Liu
--- Debut: Dynasty Warriors 5 / ret
Soulcalibur OC MasterlistI figured I could have a list for these peeps too. c:
- Niva Couture (née Rhys)
-- April, 1575
-- Born
--- Debut: Soulcalibur IV
--- Originally named Evany
-- SCIV Biography:
--- Niva grew up in the orphanage for as long as she could remember. She knew that she had a brother, and it infuriated her that he was adopted and not her. She hated living in a place where she and the other orphans didn't have an advantage, so she picked up the habit of stealing food and other necessities from higher classes.
By the time she turned thirteen, Niva abandoned the orphanage and lived on her own. She continued to increase her acrobatic and stealth skills in order to steal things for her own benefit. One night, her next target was a summer house that belonged to a war lord's son. While investigating the place, Niva stumbled upon a picture of the son, and it gave her a nostalgic feeling. Looking into any sort of document lying around, she discovered that the son's name was Evan
Otome/BL OC MasterlistBrothers Conflict
Kitagawa Musouko

Occupation: Rounin / Seiyuu
Love Interest: Asahina Azusa
Friends: n/a
Hatoful Boyfriend
Kurose Nicho

Occupation: Volunteer
Love Interest: Fujishiro Nageki
Friends: Karakawa Ayano
Karakawa Ayano

Occupation: Student
Love Interest: n/a
Friends: Kurose Nicho
Shiratsuyu no Kai
Mawarime Rin

Alias: Kuchisake-onna
Love Interest: Kanda Chiaki
Friends: n/a
DRAMAtical Murder
Yasugi Azusa

Role: --
Love Interest: Ren oop
Friends: Meka (Allmate)
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪
Shimazaki Kizuko

Role: Class A composer
Love Interest: n/a
Friends: Miki
Matsuomi Miki

Role: Class A vo
Anime OC MasterlistAttack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
Adelaide (not pictured) & Jodelle Wall
Affiliation: Mankind / Stationary Troops
Love Interest: n/a
Terrin Brylla (KiraYumi123's OC)
Hayden Weiss (giogiorno's OC)
Ailene McManus

Affiliation: Mankind / Scouting Legion
Love Interest: n/a
Aila Brylla (KiraYumi123's OC)
Camilla Harper (giogiorno's OC)
Tea Wall

Occupation: tba
Love Interest: tba
Friends: tba
Digimon: Pink Digi-Egg - > Puttimon -> Cupimon -> Terriermon -> Darcmon -> Angewomon -> Ophanimon

Occupation: tba
Love Interest: tba
Friends: tba
Digimon: tba
Mary Clark

Alias: Kentucky
Love Interest: n
Comic Book OC MasterlistHey, look at Haru and ignore this, kthx.
Enrica Lev
 (on the left)
Alias: Kitten; Catgirl, Caracal
Universe: Earth-16, Batman: Year One, Under the Red Hood, New Earth
Relationships: Selina Kyle (Batman: Year OneUnder the Red Hood, New Earth), Dick Grayson (Earth-16, Under the Red Hood, New Earth), Bast (New Earth)Elizabeth Bennett

Alias: Starstreak
Universe: Under the Red Hood, New Earth, Arkhamverse
Relationships: Jason Todd (Under the Red Hood, New Earth)Aran Byrne
Alias: Calyptra
Universe: Earth-16, Prime Earth
Tricia Wall

Alias: Lucide
Universe: Earth-199999Melinoë

Alias: Charlotte Leah Holt
Universe: Earth-120703 / Earth-199999Amy Rue Wall

Alias: Omenia
Dragon Age OC Masterlist-steals :iconpumpkincookie:'s idea >u>-

Name: Rila Tabris
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Start of Origins)
Birthday: 9:14 Dragon
Place of birth: Denerim Alienage
Romance: Alistair

Name: Rian Hawke
Race: Human
Class: Rogue (Mage in Inquisition)
Gender: Female
Age: 31 (Inquisition)
Birthday: 9:09 Dragon
Place of birth: Lothering
Romance: Fenris

Name: Niari Lavellan
Aliases: Neris
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 24 (Inquisition)
Birthday: 21 Cloudreach, 9:17 Dragon
Place of birth: Unknown
Romance: Solas

Name: Herynn Kadin
Race: Dwarf/Human
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 28 (Inquisition)
Birthday: 9:13 Dragon
Place of birth: Redcliffe

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